Redemption (#2)


Book Two of the Hacker Chronicles series

It is 1644.
Parliament has defeated the King's army at Marston Moor, yet the outcome of the body civil war remains far from certain.
In a desperate attempt to reverse their fortunes, Royalist agents devise a plan to assassinate the man they believe is key to the outcome of the conflict that has raged for two long years.
With the plotters ready to strike, Francis Hacker becomes aware of the conspiracy. And with little time to act, he does everything in his power to frustrate the murderous scheme. Alas, things unravel when brave Hacker finds himself pitted against a ruthless and cunning mercenary, a man who will resort to anything to achieve a 'kill'.

Praise for Redemption
"The kind of novel one could read over and over again."
Finalist 2021 Coffee Pot Book Club Book of the Year

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