Gustav Holck

A renowned killer, who served as the bodyguard of princes Rupert and Maurice during the Thirty Years War, Gustav Holck came to England to win fame and fortune – and continue practising his murderous ways 

If he was alive today, a man like Gustav Holck would be classified as a murderous psychopath!

A ruthless and merciless man, Holck fought alongside Prince Rupert and Prince Maurice on some of the bloodiest battlefields of Europe during the conflict that became known as the Thirty Years War – a period in his life that enabled him to hone his skills as an assassin.

Holck is charged with protecting the two princes. And he has devoted his adult life to carrying out these duties diligently and effectively.

But when the chance to support King Charles in his conflict with Parliament presents itself, Holck is delighted to accept the challenge, recognising the opportunity to gain influence, wealth and patronage – and continue doing the thing he likes best: killing and torturing people!

As the plot of Rebellion unfolds, Holck's character increasingly comes into conflict with main character, Francis Hacker. 

It is a clash of good against evil. But who will triumph?

Important note: unlike Francis and most of the characters in the Hacker Chronicles series of books, Gustav Holck's character is a figment of my imagination!