Abijah Swan

Having known Francis since they were young boys, Abijah enjoyed a unique bond with Francis Hacker. He was a loyal friend and confidante, and an extremely capable deputy commander of the Leicestershire Militia 

A private, quiet and reflective man – some would call him a loner – Abijah is totally loyal to Francis Hacker and his colleagues in the Leicestershire Militia.

He lives for soldiery. And he is a very capable second-in-command.  If anything, many of the militiamen look to him for leadership, rather than Francis.

Unlike Francis, however, he does not have a strong Faith. If the truth is known, he has little time for religious matters, although he is happy to discuss the affairs of the Church with his life-long friend.

Abijah has a deep sense of what is ‘right and wrong’ – and it is this moral compass that drives him on.

He has no woman to share is life, and he prefers his own company (although when he is at home, Prudence, his dog, is a faithful companion) to spending evenings at a local inn.

Abijah and Francis have always had a very strong friendship, even though they come from very different social backgrounds. But their bond will be sorely put to the test by the events that unravel after 30 June 1643.

Important note: unlike Francis and most of the characters in the Hacker Chronicles series of books, Abijah's character is a figment of my imagination!